Fibre Internet

Fast, reliable and secure internet, delivered over fibre optic technology.

Internet connectivity is now referred to as the third utility, and as such it is essential the service is delivered over fibre optic technology directly to the comms room. This foundation provides a basis for speed, security and resilience to be put in place, allowing both data hungry applications, such as video conferencing systems, and business critical applications, such as broadcasted CCTV coverage, to operate reliably over the business’ network.

On top of this technical foundation BMT provides a 100% service level uptime guarantee, on all their fibre ethernet products. And when combining this market leading SLA with symmetrical upload speeds, bandwidth ranges of between 10mb to 10gb, and uncontended circuits, it offers the perfect platform for todays essential and demanding cloud, design, and video based applications.

10mb – 10gb

Guaranteed bandwidth speeds of 10, 100, 1,000 and 10,000mbps.

100% SLA Guarantee

Managed services with proactive networking monitoring in place.


Services are not shared by other businesses, all the bandwidth is yours.


100mb download speed also comes with 100mb upload speed.

Other management tools allow for greater control, reliability and ease of access. Multiple external static ips enables you to create secure and direct access to your network, QoS reserves bandwidth for applications that demand it, and simple Ethernet RJ-45 connections makes for the perfect handover.


Multiple IP’s

Allows a flexible approach to managing your network architecture.

Quality of Service

Dedicated ethernet ports segregating bandwidth at the router level.

Automatic Failover

Resilient circuits providing continuity without new or complex ip routing.

Hot Swap Hardware

Pre-programmed and tested equipment in case of a hardware failure.

Ethernet Handover

Simple yet affective RJ-45 handover allowing remote or onsite management.

As well as the above standard fibre Ethernet features BMT can design fibre solutions for advance business needs. These often include point to point circuits, MPLS connections, and dark fibre which all come with additional benefits enhancing speed, security and network control.

Our Work Process

Plan, manage and maintain the solutions your business demands.

  • Planning

    Ensuring the solutions are fit for now and will grow into your future requirements.

  • Management

    Project managed delivery so we deal with the third parties while you concentrate on your move.

  • Maintenance

    Ongoing support and management of your solutions.

Speed of connection

Like most internet connections fibre internet is a distant dependent service. However unlike broadband and ADSL technologies your fibre connection will always be guaranteed at the speed you purchase. To find out how much services cost at your post code click here.

Packages / Bandwidth

Our most popular bundled options include the following

Slim Circuit

For Business Critical Applications

  • 10mb on 100mb bearer

  • 2 Static IP’s

  • 100% SLA

  • Optional FTTC Backup

  • 4hr Response/6hr Fix

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Standard Circuit

For standard office environments

  • 100mb on 100mb bearer

  • 5 Static IP’s

  • 100% SLA

  • Optional FTTC Backup

  • 4hr Response/6hr Fix

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Grand Circuit

For data hungry applications

  • 1gb on 1gb bearer

  • 10 Static IP’s

  • 100% SLA

  • Optional FTTC Backup

  • 4hr Response/6hr Fix

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For all other service options including 10gb bearers speak to us now

Resilience and Business Continuity

BMT provide a range of resilient products which means if the main connections goes down, your business stays up without it. These include both physical and wireless medium with FTTC and 4/5G connections ensuring you never go offline.
Proactive monitoring
24/7 Support


Service Level Agreement

Why Choose us

Our ethos revolves around delivery and service. We understand the urgency of business projects and the importance of an ongoing reliable service.

Service Managers

At BMT we don’t believe in Account Managers, instead our Service Managers focus on exceeding expectations and delivering the services you need.

Out of Hours Advice

If you are in a different time zone, or just working on an urgent project through the evening or at night we will always arrange a time to speak.

Flexible Solutions

Our products and services empower you to manage your network from remote locations as well as on site.


With over twenty years fibre, telecoms, IT and AV experience we understand your requirements and urgencies associated with important projects.


Our staff are targeted on building relationships and delivering services, long term prosperity always comes before immediate financial returns.

Established Resources

After helping thousand of businesses set-up, grow and move we have a wealth of trusted resources to resolve any issue your project may come across.

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